Oh, I love brazilian women

A artista fez parte dessa exposição que aconteceu no começo de 2022, na Galeria Apexart, em Nova York.

O nome da exposição foi inspirado no trabalho de Santarosa Barreto (feito em neon e pode ser visto na imagem abaixo), que brinca com a ironia dessa frase muito ouvida por ela (e por muitas outras), ao morar fora do Brasil. Mulheres brasileiras são vistas como objeto sexual tanto por estrangeiros quanto pelos próprios brasileiros, e essa exposição coletiva, formada apenas por artistas mulheres, vem trazer essa reflexão sobre esse estereótipo antiquado e completamente equivocado sobre as brasileiras. 

Link da exposição: https://apexart.org/testa.php?utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=Testa_PR&utm_medium=email

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Aqui abaixo, você pode ver o texto sobre a exposicão em inglês, tirado do site da galeria que a exibe, a Apexart NY.

"Oh, I Love Brazilian Women is an exhibition that aims to challenge the extenuated idea that Brazilian women conform to an eroticized beauty pattern, being often described by and for foreigners as the sexiest, most attractive ladies in the world. Sadly, our bodies are seen as pleasure for men both in Brazil - where 180 rapes are registered per day - and abroad, with countless international websites laying out Brazilian women as commodities ready to be acquired.

Origins of this sexualized stereotype might trace back to the brutal colonial period, when native and black enslaved women were raped and treated as men's properties. More recently, there's the Carnival and its misinterpreted imagery; absurd national tourism campaigns from the 1960s to the 1980s showing women in bikinis as an invitation to visit the country by all means have contributed to this idea of sexualized women to be found in an exotic land. The latter is especially not to be dismissed, since in 2019, Brazilian far-right Jair Bolsonaro claimed that if men"'want to come here and have sex with a woman, go for life."

Oh, I love Brazilian Women brings together artists whose works discuss, respond to or emerge from women's bodies and other issues that precede this question, but deeply relate to it: wha is a woman? What's the link between femininity and sexuality?How's black women suffering different from that faced by white women? And how has Covid-19's social isolation impacted domestic violence?

The title of the exhibition is inspired by Santarosa Barreto's work "Brazil", in which we read " Are you brazilian? Oh, I love Brazilian women" in pink neon lettering. The phrase stems from Barreto's experience as a Brazilian woman living abroad. The title of the exhibition can be read as both ironic attitude towards the subject and an invitation to another viewpoing on what is beauty and sexuality."

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